How To Keep Your Sense Of Wonder

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How To Keep Your Sense Of Wonder

how to keep your sense of wonder, be this Happy Girl at the Beach by photographer Leo Rivas

Happy Girl at the Beach by photographer Leo Rivas

I Have No Idea What I Am Talking About

That’s a lofty assertion, “How To Keep Your Sense Of Wonder”.  Let me start by saying, I am not entirely sure HOW, but I will share my experience plus what inspired my renewed interest in such an idea.


Inspired By a Book

I was reading “Crow Planet, Essential Wisdom From the Urban Wilderness” by Lyanda Fern Lynn Haupt.  One of her chapters touches on the idea of Wonder.  She talks of how it is almost thought of as a childlike sense that we lose as we grow older.  It made me think about that concept.


Showing Up

As an adult (card carrying member for over 20 years….shh, don’t tell anyone), I get distracted regularly. My attention span has diminished since I was a child.  I am guilty of over-indulgence of television, my phone, internet searches and idle worrying.

Sometimes our core pleasures and simple interests get lost in the responsibilities of being an adult.  It is easy to understand how a child retains it sense of wonder because they don’t have to work to pay their landlord on the 1st (which is today! remember to pay your rent!), remember to take out the trash, be sure to schedule their annual physical, pay attention to the news to be informed (mostly- but, check your sources!), ruminate over whether or not that perceived slight from their best friend is a real thing and so on.


Redemption and HOPE

Morning Light on trees by photographer Zwaddi

Morning Light on trees by photographer Zwaddi


Stick with me for a second.  Here is where the doom and gloom gets better I think.   In between all of that heavy adult responsibility, our core interests and sparks of inspiration are STILL INSIDE OF US (all caps, I think it’s that important).


How To Keep YOUR Sense of Wonder

If you are able to get a flash of joy from looking at art, or listening to music, or smelling flowers- you can hold on to that flash and build it from there.

Instead of 20 seconds of WONDER, turn it into a minute.


Maybe a moment holding a painting or greeting card of a tropical scene transports you back to a dream vacation (taken, or dream of being taken).

Allow yourself to fully immerse yourself in that moment for one minute (even at your desk at work- you will just look spaced out, but it will be a happy space for you).

Imagine the sand between your toes or the sun on your face.


Listen to 20 seconds of a muted trumpet on your favorite song, or pick out your favorite piano part and just tune into how it makes you feel in your chest and hold on to that for a minute.



Field of purple, orange, yellow and red flowers by photographer Annie Spratt

Field of flowers by photographer Annie Spratt


Outside, you see a flower and marvel at the vibrant oranges and reds and how nature has an amazing paintbrush of colors.

Make up names for those colors and enjoy that moment.


Defining Moments for OURSELVES

All of that counts as wonder, in my humble opinion.  I think too many times we put such a stringent definition on HOW to do things, and HOW LONG to do things in order for it “to count”. If I only walk for 10 minutes does that really count for exercise? (I vote yes- moving is moving). If I only tune into a sense of wonder for 20 seconds or a minute, does that count as doing THAT? Again, Yes I think it does.  All of it is rooted in intentions and if your intention is to take a minute and appreciate life, art, music, food and nature, then I think you are on the right path.


Full Honesty

As a full disclosure, I am not a doctor, I am not a psychologist, I am not a behavioral scientist and I often flounder at remember the great things to do to enhance my own well-being. I am simply an artist.

Sharing what I know, is all that I know to do.

My hope is, and has always been, that my artwork or stickers or whatever I create, can help to share JOY and Aloha and bring you a sense of inspiration and now, a sense of WONDER.


Wishing you a WONDER-Full day, today and always.  Much Aloha,

Mika Harmony


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