Tropical watercolors: Inspiration Photo

In this post of ART:INSPIRATION PHOTO, sharing how my love of tropical watercolors has been influenced from my childhood in Hawai’i.

Tropical Monstera watercolor painting detail by Mika Harmony

detail of my Monstera watercolor; deep greens and rich colors inspired by the tropical destination of Hana, Maui



Inspiring view of Hana, Maui

Hana Maui, photographed by @jeffreyeisen


Favorite colors and subjects

I LOVE blues and greens; definitely an influence of the tropical locales at my doorstep as a child. Whenever I paint Monstera leaves, I think of my time spent with my family in the rainforests of Hana.


Family trips: HANA!

We would take the whole day and pack our car up with lunch and snacks and bathing suits and towels and drive from Lahaina to Hana for the day. Back then, the roads weren’t as in such good shape and the trip took 3 hours; of course, we also would stop to pick guavas, go swimming in waterfalls and eat lunch. It was my absolute favorite time. It was such a great time, I even ignored the massive amounts of mosquitos that also had lunch with us- as evidenced by the bites on all of us- but mostly me. 😉 ha!


Leafy Love

Monstera leaves show up a bit in my art. I love the graceful curve of the leaves and the different tones of greens.

How about you? Do you have a favorite plant?



Mahalo for being here,

Mika (me-kuh) Harmony

mika harmony-at-Aloha art-studio

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Colorful fish of Hawai'i in watercolor