I am from Lahaina, Maui

 In Maui Wildfire Relief Fundraiser

I am proud to say I am from Lahaina, Maui.

I know Lahaina is now a town name that almost everyone around the world now knows how to pronounce.

Unfortunately that knowledge was gained as Lahaina was featured in the news across the world for the tragic wildfires that occurred in August 2023.

A Million Miles Away: Still caring

Now that I live on the mainland, I feel almost a million miles away from home. I wanted to figure out how to help my ‘ohana, friends, and neighbors of Maui. I also always hope to share my heart and Aloha with all of you, wherever you are.

Maui Wildfire Relief Fundraiser

I decided to start a Maui Wildfire Relief Fundraiser with the sale of my special Aloha watercolors. These are original watercolors painted in my art studio by the sea in Ventura, California. 100% of the proceeds will go to Maui Humane Society and Maui Strong Fund.


As Maui works to rebuild and heal, please keep them in your hearts. Mahalo for your support.

Please comment below and share your words of Aloha for our friends on Maui.

With aloha and gratitude,

Mika Harmony


To read more about Lahaina, please check out my blog post on Neil Young’s website HERE.


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