Dreaming With My Ancestors

Dreaming With My Ancestors Whenever I hear owls, I think of my ancestors. Especially my dad. He used to buy my mom all sorts of owl trinkets and figurines- and […]


Intuitive Painting: Pivot to Love

Intuitive Painting: Pivot to Love This will be the 2nd painting I am sharing in my “Intuitive Painting” style. And I realized, I might need to explain what that is […]


Selling your soul…or watercolors

Selling your soul…or watercolors. That’s a funny thing to say- but hear me out.   Being A Working Artist Selling art is a funny thing. I tend to spend my […]


I am from Lahaina, Maui

I am proud to say I am from Lahaina, Maui. I know Lahaina is now a town name that almost everyone around the world now knows how to pronounce. Unfortunately […]


Botanical and Beachy

Botanical and Beachy Find my “Profile Of Paradise” Watercolor HERE New Series: Large works During my jump into larger pieces of artwork, I also started combining elements in a [...]


Horse painting in Acrylic ink

Being A New Artist When I first started out as an artist, I did quite a bit of experimentation with new art supplies.   Many of these art supplies were […]


Tranquility Turtle Thursday

Tranquility Turtle Thursday ( to find this painting in my shop, click here)   It feels like Aloha Friday, but it’s just Thursday. If you are here from Neil Young […]


New Beginnings: Art Show in Ventura

New Beginnings: Art Show in Ventura   New Beginnings: Art Show in Ventura (Find the watercolors in my shop: HERE) It’s been a long winter spent in my studio, busily creating […]


Seaglass and Sunshine: My Journey Into Designing Seaglass Jewelry

Seaglass and Sunshine: My Journey Into Designing Seaglass Jewelry   Can a painter make seaglass jewelry? Hint: if you want to skip ahead and view the entire collection of 12 […]


Growing up in Hawai’i: Seashells and Sunsets

Growing Up In Hawai’i Secrets, Myths and Truths of Island Life Having been so very fortunate to have grown up in Hawai’i, I thought it would be fun to share […]

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