Rainbow Watercolors

Rainbow Watercolors in my studio; it’s a nice day.

work in progress on rainbow watercolors


Happy in Hawai’i

One thing I miss about living in Hawai’i is the amount of rainbows I used to see everyday. Up north towards, Napili, Maui- it wasn’t uncommon to see rainbows every single day! It would be a misty rain, light (that we called “pineapple juice” due to the proximity to the pineapple fields and how light and sweet the rain was) and followed by sunshine- so you would always look to the West Maui Mountains for a rainbow.


Rainbow watercolors

detail of rainbow watercolors, with a botanical accent


A Lucky Subject

Rainbows have been called LUCKY for as long as I can remember- and I LOVE the idea of rainbows bringing about a lucky feeling. It’s a great attitude adjuster to see one. Since I don’t see them here in California but maybe once or twice a year, I decided to paint some!

rainbow watercolors by Mika Harmony



Mahalo for being here,

Mika (me-kuh) Harmony

mika harmony-at-Aloha art-studio

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