The Meaning of Aloha

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The Meaning of Aloha

The meaning of Aloha is more than just Hello, Goodbye or Love.

The Meaning of Aloha

I thought about this today, on Thanksgiving, as I was writing an email to my newsletter subscribers.

It is always my aim to come across as sincere and true, and today I didn’t want it to all be about marketing plans and selling- most days I feel that way, actually.

However, my mission is to share aloha- and the way I know how to do that is to share my art, and so many of you have purchased my art and the Aloha comes back to me that way.


Do you know the meaning of Aloha?  

I know you hear me use it all the time.

I talk about art and gifts with Aloha,
painting with Aloha,
sending YOU aloha.


The funny thing is, Aloha has SEVERAL meanings


All of them have to do with an intention in your heart.
It is a way of life. It translates to “Joyfully sharing Life”.

While it is used as a word for hello, goodbye or love-
it is mostly meant to express a joyful feeling
and reverence and connection of the heart.



It is to show love and compassion for everyone
(including yourself!) and create a cycle of ALOHA
that comes back to YOU!


This is WHY I decided to become an artist,


Each and every item I create in my studio,
was created with a peaceful heart
in the hopes to share a happy,
positive feeling of love (Aloha)
that you will then feel for yourself.


My intention is to share love and joy. That is what my focus is.

We need to love ourselves the most- so we can do great work out in the world and help others who need an extra hand, or moment of care.

Today, and everyday, I am grateful to you for being here
and for supporting my mission of sharing the Aloha.  

Thank you so much.

Much love and ALOHA to you and your ohana (family), Mika

The meaning of Aloha Hibiscus painting by Mika Harmony


Mika Harmony-Artist sharing Aloha


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