Colorful Aloha Art To Brighten Your Day

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Have you ever  visited a tropical island such as Hawai’i?  The colors there are so very vivid, saturated and full of sunshine.

Inspiring view of the island of Kauai


With my artwork, I hope to share colorful Aloha Art to brighten your day in these vivid, saturated hues.


Aloha Artist From Maui

I was raised on the island of Maui and I am still so very inspired by the tropical, island lifestyle of my childhood.  Now that I live in California, I try to bring a bit of colorful Aloha to my every day life since I miss Hawai’i so very much.




Sharing Colorful Aloha Art With You

Even if you’ve never been to Hawai’i or can’t take a vacation, my artwork is like a visual vacation for your soul.  Plus you can easily take a 5-minute vacation right from your office chair or bedroom.


My whimsical themes of seahorse, hibiscus, pineapples, mermaid cats, monstera leaves and more are full of a rainbow of colors.


Aloha Art is for everyone to enjoy, and is meant to be shared.  If you would like to know more about the meaning of Aloha, be sure to check out my recent blog post!



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Sending Sunshine

I hope wherever you are, and wherever you go, you can hold a bit of sunshine in your heart even on the tough days. I am here to help share some Aloha with you anytime you need it.  If you would like me to send some Aloha Art sunshine to you, or a friend be sure to check out my SHOP here.


And for more on feeling Happy, please check out my Blog post HERE.

Mahalo for being here,

Mika (me-kuh) Harmony

mika harmony-at-Aloha art-studio

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