Seashells and Flowers Watercolors

Seashell and Flower Watercolors in my studio; celebrating the land and sea!


Seashell and Flower Watercolors

Beach Days

Spending time at the beach is so very peaceful. The air smells like salt, there is often a light breeze (or a heavy gale if you live on the Central Coast of Cali 😉 ) and the birds are happily gliding above in the air. Believe it or not- I don’t do much beachcombing. It isn’t my thing- and plus, I haven’t even found a piece of seaglass….most of my seaglass friends find that hard to believe- but I am forever grateful when they share their seaglass treasures with me.

Sunrise Seashell and Flower watercolors by Mika Harmony

Nautilus Shells

For this series, I wanted to be sure to capture my favorite shell (I have lots of favorite things: shells, flowers, ice cream, sunshine, rainbows- I do my best to love it all…I do however, want to point out that there are things that I do not love– such as being on hold for an extended period of time and tailgaters- I assure you, I am a realist and not always loving it all)

Seashell and Flower Watercolors: Sunrise Shells!


seashell and flower watercolors

Sunrise Shells are so saturated in color, it seemed like a perfect match for watercolors.



Mahalo for being here,

Mika (me-kuh) Harmony

mika harmony-at-Aloha art-studio

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