Shark Week in Watercolors

Shark Week!

It was recently the annual celebration of Shark Week, and I realized I hadn’t painted any sharks in my art life. So, I thought let’s do Shark Week in Watercolors!


Aloha Sharks

I created a few special designs to share some ALOHA with those of you who are intrigued and inspired by these mysterious creatures of the sea.

Rainbow Rasta Hibiscus Shark for Shark Week in Watercolors by Mika Harmony

These new designs are based off of a shark photo from Thomas Borb at the Unsplash website.

thomas_borb__unsplash_Shark photo



Are you Afraid of The Shark?

Hint: Don’t be!! :)….just kidding, I am too!

Most people are afraid of sharks, which is understandable seeing how they don’t get a lot of great press.  However, without the sharks in the sea, there wouldn’t be a healthy balance of marine life in the sea.  According to, “the role of sharks is to keep other marine life in healthy balance and to regulate the oceans. … Sharks play a vital role at the top of the food chain by maintaining balance in the oceans. Destroying shark populations could destroy our oceans and our life support system.”


A Happy Hibiscus Shark


Red and Blue Hibiscus Shark

I wanted to create a kinder, gentler version of a watercolor shark so I added in a huge bouquet of hibiscus filling out the shape of the shark.


How about you, do you like sharks? Which is your favorite shark?

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Mahalo for being here,

Mika (me-kuh) Harmony

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