Botanical and Beachy

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Botanical and Beachy

Find my “Profile Of Paradise” Watercolor HERE

Botanical Beachy watercolor painting by Mika Harmony

Botanical Beachy painting: “Profile of Paradise” by Mika Harmony

New Series: Large works

During my jump into larger pieces of artwork, I also started combining elements in a dream-like fashion. Botanical and Beachy. I started this 22×30 painting with the seahorse and then added in elements found more commonly OUT of the ocean and in the garden.


Botanical and Beachy

I have often admired the illustrations from Alice in Wonderland and loved the fantastical magical feel. I think it is one of the reasons I add in elements from the sea AND the garden into my paintings. It is just how I dream at night.


Childhood Joys

My most comforting moments were spent exploring the ocean of my backyard in Hawai’i, as well as trekking around the botanic gardens of Ke’anae Arboretum with my family as a keiki (kid).


My other joys were also spent eating green mangoes soaked in shoyu (soy sauce) and vinegar–otherwise known as shoyu mango. However, I would get so impatient waiting for the ideal marinating time of 1 hour, that I just ate it straight away. Picture a very blonde 6 year old tomboy with shoyu dripping off their fingers and down their wrist. This was a dish best eaten outdoors, especially when you were me at 6 years old.


Painting Bringing A Feeling of Joy

This is why I paint. I aim to capture that same joy of childhood when you didn’t censor yourself and you weren’t afraid. Painting gives me such a feeling of flow and reconnection with the things I love; Botanical Beachy themes, colorful paint. I hope you get that same feeling of joy when visiting my website.


With love and aloha,

Mika Harmony

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