Artistic Inspiration and New Ideas for Gifts

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Artistic Inspiration and New Ideas for Gifts 

Updated 2/14/18


Artistic Inspiration and new ideas for gifts often comes from a helpful suggestion from my friends and fans.  Here is the background on my process for my Ocean Treasures Jewelry line.


Artistic Inspiration

A friend asked me to consider making necklaces with my seahorse watercolors.  Thinking that would be a daunting task, I said Yes. (See what I did there? Reverse Psychology… to myself).

First step of making necklace with watercolor seahorse

First step of making necklace with watercolor seahorse

Taking an online course from the incredibly gifted and kind Mei Pak of Creative Hive Co. via Creative Live also helped inspire me to think of new things I could create to share with you all. (Thank you, Mei!)

Trying something new is a wonderful thing in the world of art, because that is what I am all about. New, being creative, talking to myself.

Having the encouragement from friends and fans and mentors really helps motivate me and it inspired me to give it a shot.

The beauty of this new endeavor is that I was able to get it ready just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Do you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day? I do.

I also like celebrating birthdays, Arbor Day, King Kamehameha Day (808 State in the house!!), Grand Openings and anything that involves cupcakes. Celebrating and honoring someone is such a wonderful thing to do, especially when confections are involved.


Making Necklaces

Allow me to get back on track.  Necklaces.  Watercolor seahorse.  Thank you.


With six brand new little Aloha Seahorse Charm necklaces under my belt, you certainly wouldn’t coin me a master.

Pink Galaxy Seahorse Aloha Charm necklace...hanging out on my desk.

Pink Galaxy Seahorse Aloha Charm necklace…hanging out on my desk.

But I enjoyed every single minute of it. I forgot what it is like to get so consumed with your project (reading, creating, cooking etc.), that you just lose track of time and forget to eat and drink water and answer the phone (or maybe that’s just me??).

Selecting the bright Pink Galaxy seahorse, Turquoise Galaxy seahorse (both named because they were originally painted for Star Wars loving fans with their galaxy and star-like look with the yellow flecks and dots) and Purple Seahorse, I charged ahead with learning wire wrapping (still learning), selecting glass beads with ocean and nature colors to compliment the seahorse and learning to attach jump rings to necklaces.

Happy with the result, these little Aloha necklaces are now listed in my Shop!

First finished seahorse watercolor necklace in Purple

First finished seahorse watercolor necklace in Purple

Ocean themed jewelry watercolor seahorse necklace gift under 25 by Mika Harmony

Turquoise Galaxy Seahorse Aloha Charm necklace, finished!

As always, do let me know if you have any fun art ideas you want me to try, then I can celebrate Your birthday next year!





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