Intuitive Painting: Pivot to Love

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Intuitive Painting: Pivot to Love

This will be the 2nd painting I am sharing in my “Intuitive Painting” style. And I realized, I might need to explain what that is exactly.

Being Creative Without Inspiration

When I need to be creative, but I don’t feel a huge burst of inspiration, I will start with drawing random lines. These are truly random lines all over the page- squiggles, arrows, straight lines, circles- truly anything. Then I rotate the paper around, top to bottom, left to right- until I start to see shapes appear between the lines and empty spaces.

Intuitive Painting style- starting a painting

Random lines and shapes with zero plan

Pivot To Love

For this painting, “Pivot to Love”, I saw the shape of an eagle appear next to a tree. Then I start adding in my lines to make that happen. At this stage, I am feeling the inspiration. The arrow turns into the symbol of a spade, a swirling line turns into a falling leaf.

Intuitive Painting- starting with a drawing

Taking the random lines and seeing which shapes appear

Why Intuitive?

I call these Intuitive Paintings because I am guided by the lines and not by my mind- it is just a feeling.

After my drawing is complete, it really comes alive with color and detail. Sometimes I like to put this drawing away for a few days and come back to it.


The Process Takes Time

This painting was started on January 3rd, and then finished on February 18th. Sometimes the process just takes that long and I like to honor it by not pushing- whatever flows easily is what makes it into the painting. I let the paper speak to me.

Pivot to Love eagle painting in Mika Harmony's Intuitive Painting style



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Wishing you creativity and inspiration wherever you are.

With Aloha,

Mika Harmony

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