Selling your soul…or watercolors

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Selling your soul…or watercolors. That’s a funny thing to say- but hear me out.


Being A Working Artist

Selling art is a funny thing. I tend to spend my days painting animals and flowers and natural scenes. While in my studio, these paintings become my friends. So there is a part of me that doesn’t want to lose my friend once a painting is sold. Then there is the even stronger pull and part of me where I really want other people to meet these friends on the watercolor page, because I truly painted them with the intention of sharing. It’s a funny thing to balance.

Tools of the Trade: Aloha Art Studio of Mika Harmony

Connecting with Art

As an outgoing introvert I do tend to build a relationship with my paintings. The way I get around that initial feeling of Oh No, I won’t have the turtle in my studio anymore, or Oh Wow- that Black-necked stilt is my favorite painting and I don’t want to have it go, is: I allow them time to breathe in my studio.

I delay listing them on my website, to create a slight pause before they are ready to sell and then carefully wrapped with a handwritten note, and posted safely in the mail. My manager would probably freak out with my obtuse business practices, but it’s worked for me thus far.


Art That Speaks To You

This is all to say, when you see a piece of art that speaks to you, it calls your name, or stirs something happy or wistful in your heart, or reminds you of a special moment- just know that the artist would be incredibly honored and humbled for you to choose to “adopt” that artwork as your own.

Artwork is meant to live in your homes outside of a painter’s studio, ready for others to see and enjoy.

Gratitude For You

I’ve spoken on it before. Painting can be a solitary experience but by having the incredible opportunity to share my art online and in your homes it allows that singular experience to be more of a connected moment, human to human.

I am not painting anything as dramatic as the Sistine Chapel, but I am putting my heart and love and aloha into each piece–choosing to celebrate an expression of nature or capture a moment in saturated color to bring a feeling of calmness and joy. I am just grateful that so many of you have chosen to enjoy these artworks with me.

Aloha AlwaysMika Harmony painting at studio

From the shores of Ventura, California to wherever you are today I send you a big dose of Aloha. Thanks for being a friend and for supporting artists like me all over the world. I see you, and I appreciate you.

Mika Harmony


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