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I started my art life in Preschool. At the age of 3, I could be found on the floor in what many teachers thought was a restful nap. Although upon closer examination, it was discovered that I was deeply focused on drawing a stick figure family with a fat black marker. Yes; Drawing was my first passion followed by making up stories about blades of grass and talking mice. I had a vivid imagination that was encouraged by my parents and supported by the setting of my childhood growing up in the Hawaiian islands.

Being raised on Maui afforded me the luxuries of a perfect climate and plenty of outdoor space to set up an easel for the acrylic paintings of my elementary school days. After discovering I couldn’t eat the paint, I started to paint my favorite subjects of the West Maui Mountains, Upcountry rainbows and the tropical fish that lingered right off our home’s back steps that led to the ocean. It was an idyllic life. I am happy that all these years later still finds me enjoying creating art with the same wonder and excitement I felt as a child.

I have often thought that one piece of art can tell many stories, it just depends who is looking at it. I hope my art encourages you to make up your own story.

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