Tools of the Trade: Aloha Art Studio

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Tools of the Trade: Aloha Art Studio

A Happy Space to Create In

Being lucky enough to be a full time artist, I am grateful to have a happy space to create art in.

First thing I did was paint the walls the color of bamboo to bring in the color of the outdoors; reminiscent of the bamboo that grows outside my window.


Next I hung up my canvas paintings that are waiting for their new homes. I love being surrounded by these paintings because it shows me my earlier inspirations and helps bring my ideas for new art!

Tools of the Trade: Aloha Art Studio of Mika Harmony

Paint, lots of Paint!

I ordered 4 of the Ikea drawers for my studio; they are long and flat and perfect for watercolor paper and PAINT!

Tools of the Trade: Aloha Art Studio of Mika Harmony




I have been using my wooden trestle table for years. I originally got it from Santa Monica at a thrift store. It started as my actual dining table….but then was taken over for my studio. Years and loads of paint later, it is the favorite spot in my studio.

Mika Harmony painting at studio


Don’t Forget The Brushes!

I was so incredibly fortunate to be gifted an entire set of brushes from Princeton Watercolor.  They shared their Artiste and Velvetouch series with me (not a sponsored post! They just sent them to me for my birthday one year!!)


I LOVE my watercolor brushes, and I love trying NEW brushes so this was a great addition to my studio. SO happy with them.  I also like Winsor and Newton brushes, along with a few from Grumbacher brand.





The one thing I try to infuse into everything I do, my artwork, stickers and more: is a sense of ALOHA. It is so important for me to share happy and bright colors with everyone. I hope to bring a bit of cheer to take your mind off of your busy day.  It’s how I was raised; I just care about everyone and creating art is how I get to share the love.


If you want to know more about the meaning of ALOHA, please read more here!


Thank you for letting  me show you around my Aloha Art studio. I hope you’ll check out the rest of my work! Would love for you to leave a comment below and help me share the Aloha too! 😉

Wishing you a WONDER-Full day, today and always.

Mika Harmony Aloha Art Studio

Much Aloha,

Mika Harmony


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