Tropical Flowers and Ocean Art

I love tropical flowers and ocean art. I started a new art series called Gardens of The Sea.


Gardens of The Sea

My new series celebrates the beautiful tropical blooms of Hawai’i mixed with the graceful creatures you find in our warm, island waters.

Moorish Idol and Plumeria

This is a fantasy scene where turtles swim amidst phalaenopsis orchids and Moorish Idols glide through a bouquet of yellow plumeria.


Hawai’i Smells GREAT~ like tropical flowers!

One of the greatest things about visiting Hawai’i is how the AIR smells when you step off the plane.  The air is truly sweet and fragrant and smells like plumeria.

Parrot fish and plumeria painting by Mika Harmony

Imagine Your Reality

I wanted to couple that wonderful experience of stepping into Hawai’i and enjoying these vibrant fragrant blooms while also exploring the beautiful mysteries of the sea.


There’s a seahorse with vibrant orange hibiscus, a parrotfish and plumeria, a Manta Ray and Monstera leaves and more!

Tropical Flowers and Ocean Art Manta Ray Monstera painting

I hope you enjoy this series too!



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Mahalo for being here,

Mika (me-kuh) Harmony

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Tropical Monstera watercolor painting detail by Mika Harmony