Colorful Fish of Hawai’i


Spending time in the ocean is one of my favorite ways to reconnect with nature. Just floating on the surface of the sea watching the peaceful movements of the fish in between the coral is so very relaxing. The colorful fish of Hawai’i are super inspiring and mesmerizing.



Imagined Worlds

I like to recapture that feeling of calm by introducing fish to my watercolor paper. With the addition of flowers and colorful splashes it brings it to a place of fantasy.


First to Identify

Moorish idol were one of the first fish I learned to identify at the Lahaina Harbor- probably because of their striking black and white colors and being a common site at the shallows of the harbor.

Behind the watercolor

In this artwork I’ve used a combination of watercolors and liquid acrylic paint. It was a fun, and messy, process with adding in the drips and splashes. It reminded me of when I first started to paint- just approaching the paper with zero fear and 100% fun.

Colorful fish of Hawai’i need our help

With my artwork, I hope to shine a light on the need for saving our oceans and protecting the fish and corals within. Two great steps are to change your sunscreen so it isn’t one with nano particles, and another is to avoid using pesticides in your lawn- water molecules via rain/groundwater/runoff act as vehicles that collect and transport chemicals from the land, into the water and ends up in the sea.




Mahalo for being here,

Mika (me-kuh) Harmony

mika harmony-at-Aloha art-studio

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Tropical Monstera watercolor painting detail by Mika HarmonyHummingbird watercolor detail by Mika Harmony