How to Start A Watercolor Painting

  A Behind The Scenes Moment in Watercolor Painting. Here’s a quick behind the scenes view of my watercolor painting process.   I like to start my paintings with laying out a […]


Behind The Scenes Art: Start to Finish Painting Mixed Media Art

Start to Finish Painting: Mixed Media Art   I often get asked how I start my paintings, and also- what exactly is mixed media. Answer to both of those is, […]


Playing with the best watercolor paints, an afternoon in the studio painting seahorse

Playing with the best watercolor paints Welcome to my studio! Thought it would be fun to share a video and invite you into my studio for the afternoon. I am […]


Mixed Media Painting Inspiration

Mixed Media Painting Inspiration I wasn’t quite sure how to start this blog post because to be honest, I have been a bit overwhelmed with incredible feelings of gratitude. I […]


Paint Mixing on Canvas

Paint Mixing on Canvas I recently posted a couple of videos on my Instagram page showing my technique for paint mixing directly on canvas (also known as: A super fun, […]