How to be Happy, suggestions for living life with a smile

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How to be Happy
suggestions for living life with a smile

How many times have you wondered how to be happy? I have, and only once a day every day.

The reason I chose to focus the bulk of my life to be an artist was primarily to be happy. Truly.


How I get Happy

Mika Harmony first year as a painter in Preschool in Lahaina, HI- behind the scenes

My first abstract, Preschool in Lahaina, HI

I have been painting since I was a little girl, and as I got older I painted less and less.

I missed it so. Having a job in conservation for a decade took up all of my brain space to feel creative. I wasn’t smiling as often as I used to.

I realized that the big component that was missing from my life to create total happiness was an activity I was passionate about.

Being creative has always been something that helped me feel normal-ish. It was what I needed to be living my life with a smile. (and that smile can be internal and quietly to yourself- don’t feel any pressure to plaster a chirpy expression on your face- let’s be super real).

I love creating art, I love sharing it and to sell my art is a huge bonus (and a big thank you to you for helping to support my dreams!).

Making a living as an artist is full of all sorts of happy (and other struggles too, to be very honest). Connecting with you brings the biggest smile to my face.  I read each and every comment and email, it means so much to me.

Mika Harmony artist at work behind the scenes

Me: in the studio, varnishing abstract paintings

How You Can Get Happy

Friends of mine who think they have zero creative talent; first I disagree with you, then I ask you to think about what you love doing as a hobby.

It’s not always possible to make a living doing your favorite hobby, if it was then “Laying In Bed Watching Judge Judy” would make me tons of money (true story: it is how I like to relax. I know, weird. But to be fair, my friend Jenna is also a Judge Judy fan, and she seems like a very normal person).

Hobbies are important just as hobbies. It helps to add balance to your life. If you only have 10 minutes a week to spare, then try to fulfill that hobby online.

I have friends who love to bake: I recommend spending time looking for a new recipe or shop online for a new spice at Penzey’s (and I was going to say- “to add some -pep to your step-” but I didn’t want you to think I am 87 years old. It’s just that sometimes I think in quippy little phrases such as that one that make me laugh, and make me sound over 80).

For my friends who like to hike: I suggest researching new hiking trails, or grabbing a book from the library on wildflowers of the area to spot new species or name the ones you always see!

wildflower wild roses in Ojai

Wild roses in Ojai, CA

For my friends who can’t think of anything they are passionate about for fun, consider taking a class from Creative Live– they have lots of free ones, or try SkillShare , or  Open Yale Courses .

Inspiring Others- Positive Quote

If you’ve tried all of those things (or even if you haven’t) and you still are feeling blue, then consider the lovely phrase my friend, screenplay writer Hannah Gallagher painted- “Choose Happy”- It is such a wonderful quote!

Hannah was inspired to create her art piece after watching a few of my paint mixing videos on Instagram. Imagine my surprise at getting such a lovely message from her, along with her art piece, telling me how I inspired her. It made my week!

That moment is precisely why I decided to become an artist full-time. It is such an honor to reach other people and inspire them to be creative and try new techniques. I always hope to add a smile to your day.


 Photo courtesy of Hannah Gallagher of @rosieandtherivetersmusical

I Believe in YOU!

So, even if you are having a difficult time choosing happy, just know that I have been there too; and sometimes it just takes noticing that another person has at one moment in their life been inspired by you, to shift your mood up a bit.

You make a difference, and you mean something to them, and to me.

I am smiling for you (and probably also chilling out watching tv from time to time).


xo, mika

Need more happy in your life? Try bringing some ALOHA home.

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