Peaceful Calming Meditation Artwork

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Peaceful Calming Meditation Artwork

Peaceful Calming Meditation Art by Mika Harmony


Mandala Seahorse Series

I started this new series to create a peaceful calming series of art for meditation and to help foster feelings of well-being.  

“Calming Lavender Seahorse Mandala”: featuring gold hearts and a lavender seahorse



The background of each piece has a version of a mandala behind the seahorse.  


As I understand it, the mandala is used to represent a fantasy or imaginary place that you can think about during your meditation.  


You can use a mandala to assist in reaching a moment of enlightenment, which can aid in your healing. 



Inspired by Meditation

I have been told that meditation is a wonderful addition to a daily routine.

Painting for me is my form of meditation.

Painting gives me the ability to disconnect from the busy life in front of me and to put aside any worries and enter a state of happy, calm.  

This is why I thought focusing on adding an actual Mandala-type pattern to my paintings, my meditation-would allow others to also achieve a sense of calm when they look at the painting. 




The Ocean: A Calming Destination


To me, the ocean is my happy place.


I find the sound and rhythm of the waves to be so very peaceful.


Being able to incorporate my love of the ocean with such powerful symbolism such as a mandala, was such a happy moment.

Magnolia Mandala

One of the Mandalas I created was my version of a floral Magnolia Mandala with a background of blue cherry blossoms.


I wanted to celebrate how the beauty and fragrance of flowers can create such powerful memories and connections with others.


To me, the Magnolia flower always reminds me of my friend Tracy- she is from the south and used to tell me how amazing they smelled.


It wasn’t until I moved from Maui that I was able to finally smell the sweet gardenia-like lemony fragrance of these magnificent Magnolia.


Whenever I smell the magnolia now, I always remember my wonderful friendship with my dear friend Tracy.



 I hope that wherever you are, you have peaceful routines that bring you a sense of calm and help to celebrate your connections with yourself, and others.

Much aloha, Mika


Want to see the entire Mandala Seahorse collection? Find it here.



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