New Artwork Inspired by Tahiti and the Islands of Hawai’i

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Watercolor Artwork inspired by Tahiti and Hawai’i



Seahorse artwork inspired by Tahiti and the Islands of Hawai'i

Work in Progress

This vibrant sunset-colored red and orange seahorse artwork was inspired by Tahiti and the Islands of Hawai’i.


Watercolor Artwork inspired by Tahiti and Hawai'i


It was the colors and feeling
of the Monoi Tiki Tahiti Tiare (Gardenia) fragrance labels
that subconsciously dictated my color palette. 


photo from: iHerb


I grew up on the island of  Maui, and those scented oils were sold in all of the local shops (but I always saw it at Lahaina Pharmacy where I had my first job!)  for the tourists, as it was a very popular beachy floral fragrance.

I don’t think I ever owned a bottle…maybe just one, but the vibrant red and green of those labels seemed to permeate my mind all these years later.  It’s funny how we are influenced and inspired by things from our past.

I didn’t even realize that I had actually used the same color combo of the labels in my painting, until I started writing about my inspiration; I just knew the Tiare Tahiti-feeling was what inspired me.


Inspired by Hawai’i

My seahorse was painted amidst curlicue, leafy vines and the green leaves were meant to represent the deep-green of a Gardenia leaf from the islands of Hawai’i.  


Gardenia are one of my favorite flowers.

If you haven’t smelled one before, they smell like a Magnolia bloom without the lemon fragrance plus a powdery soft-sweetness.



Gardenia leaves: pic from Pixabay


Watercolor Artwork inspired by Tahiti and Hawai'i by Mika Harmony


I tend to doodle when I am on the phone, and my go-to’s are hearts, curlicue’s, leaves and triangles. This piece was born of that doodle inspiration too.  


The brown earth tones of the triangles were painted to add a geometric texture to the piece, and have a rest for your eye from all the swirly, curly bits of the painting.

I am happy to have it completed and to share it with you now!


Want a tropical, Polynesian Seahorse of your own? Grab your print HERE




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  • Lee & Doris Wiese

    Looks like you are having lots of fun with your paintings. Wish we lived closer…It would be great to see you and Niko…maybe one of these days. Keep up the great work. Cheers, Doris & Lee

    • Mika Harmony

      Thank you so much, Doris and Lee!! 🙂 I have been feeling so inspired lately; I do appreciate your kind words about my art! So nice to hear from you. Would love to see you both as well. Much love and Aloha to you both, Mika

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