Paint Mixing on Canvas

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Paint Mixing on Canvas

I recently posted a couple of videos on my Instagram page showing my technique for paint mixing directly on canvas (also known as: A super fun, quick way to start a new painting).



My most favorite comment from Instagram thus far is, if this was a painting in NYC, it would cost $10K. Well, I am in Ventura, CA so I guess I need to move for the big bucks. 😁

I like the unpredictable quality this technique offers. It is also a great way to get over the intimidation factor of a glaring white canvas.

Here’s another video showing this technique in my favorite blues and greens:Mika Harmony Quick Start Canvas Technique Video

After I put down my first scraped color background, I go in and add several more layers by hand, elements of collage, hand painting, charcoal pencil and metallic accents.


Here’s an example of a finished piece

Lucky in Love bees mixed media painting on canvas in blues, greens and yellows by artist Mika Harmony

Lucky in Love mixed media painting by Mika Harmony

The first, easy step, is just that, a first easy step. The rest of the painting builds in layers and adds depth to the final piece and may take several hours or several days.

Here is my most recently completed series: Love In Full Bloom. These are 12×12 canvas paintings.

In addition, I recently completed a Tropical Zen mixed media series on canvas.

I love that everyone has been enjoying these videos. Thank you so much for your kind comments.

I can’t wait to see what you create using this technique on your own artwork. So many possibilities!😄

Be sure to comment below if you are planning on trying this! Or let me know what color combos you want to see me try next.

Much aloha, mika

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