Love In Full Bloom
Mixed Media Original Art
Spring 2016 Series

12×12 Mixed Media on Canvas

Recently Shown at Capriccio
Ventura, California

Ocean Deities Seahorse Painting_detail_by Mika Harmony


Wanderlust II_ 12x12 by Mika Harmony

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise_detail 2_Mika Harmony

Birds of Paradise_side view_Mika Harmony

Birds of Paradise_size_Mika Harmony

Conversations At The Seashore

Conversations_Alt view_Mika Harmony

Conversations_detail_by Mika Harmony

Fly With Me

Fly With Me_detail_by Mika Harmony

Fly With Me_size 2_by Mika Harmony

Fragment of Heart Song

Fragment of Heart Song-detail 2_Mika Harmony

Fragment of Heart Song_size_Mika Harmony

Invisible Connection

Invisible Connection_detail view_Mika Harmony

Letting In

Letting In_detail_by Mika Harmony

Letting In_size_by Mika Harmony

Listen To The Trees

Listen to The Trees_detail_Mika Harmony

Lucky In Love

Lucky In Love_detail_by Mika Harmony

Lucky in Love_size_by Mika Harmony

Momentary Melody

Momentary Melody_alt view-by Mika Harmony

Momentary Melody_detail_by Mika Harmony

Momentary Melody_side view_by Mika Harmony

Patchwork of Love

Patchwork of Love_by Mika Harmony

Patchwork of Love_detail_by Mika Harmony


Protected_detail_Mika Harmony

Protected_size_by Mika Harmony

Spring Bouquet

Spring Bouquet_Alt view_Mika Harmony

Spring Bouquet-detail 2 Mika Harmony

Surrender and Fly

Surrender and Fly - alt view_Mika Harmony

Surrender and Fly_detail 2_Mika Harmony


Wellspring_Alt view 2 _Mika Harmony

Wellspring_detail_Mika Harmony


Time To Dream detail_By Mika Harmony

Time TO Dream_size_by Mika Harmony


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