Mixed Media Painting Inspiration

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Mixed Media Painting Inspiration

I wasn’t quite sure how to start this blog post because to be honest, I have been a bit overwhelmed with incredible feelings of gratitude.

I know, I know. Gratitude is a buzz word these days, and we can seldom believe -everything- we read on social media about a perfect life full of gratitude…but,I truly mean it.  (Gratitude tempered with sleepiness and long to-do lists; I am a realist, after all).

I have been posting my Quick Start Painting videos on Instagram (and YouTube and BoredPanda….feel free to follow me anywhere over there…it gets a wee bit lonely. 😉 ).

In my videos I show a paint mixing technique that I do directly on canvas.  This is a great way to jump start your art with some mixed media painting inspiration.  I use acrylic paint on canvas and a straight edge (credit cards or old gift cards are great for this).

Mixed Media Painting Inspiration with Paint Mixing technique by Mika Harmony

Mixed Media Painting Inspiration and Next Steps after using paint mixing technique on canvas by Mika Harmony

And for a finished look at more of these paintings  after hours of more layers being added and additional painting, check out this Post: Love in Full Bloom Mixed Media Series

Mixed Media painting series with hearts and birds by Mika Harmony

Here’s where the Gratitude part comes in: 

On one of my paint mixing technique videos,  I recently received the LOVELIEST message from my IG creative friend, @amber_2218 . She said: “I love your paintings like this!!! They are so amazing and beautiful to watch! I was inspired to make a few of these paint and credit card ones myself, but over stencils.”

Well, #1) I was so taken with her kindness  #2) The idea of creating something that inspired another person is validation for all that I do, and #3) I absolutely had to get a look at one of her paintings that she was inspired to make after watching my videos.

I was so impressed to see the innovative way she modified my technique to suit her new painting series.

@amber_2218 used my mixed media paint mixing technique and added, stencils!  Thank you so much for sharing your photo with me, Amber! (Photo credit: @amber_2218).

Take a look here:

Inspiring others with Mixed Media Painting technique_Paint mixing on canvas_by Mika Harmony

Almost THREE (Yikes!) years ago, I made the big leap to become a full-time artist.  Leaving a steady paycheck for the beautiful, messy, exhilarating, scary (I get extra points for extra adjectives, right?) and wonderful world of full-time artist life has been quite the ride.

Getting that message from Amber is one of the many ways I have felt validated for making my huge choice to be an artist.

Thank you for letting me share my art with you, and for carrying the Mixed Media Painting inspiration forward.

With Aloha,

Mika Harmony

Have YOU tried my paint mixing technique? Post a comment below!

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