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Tropical Monstera Free Printable Planner Page and To-Do List

Do you love planner pages? Do you love tropical watercolors? Check out my newest planner page plus printable To-Do List to help bring a bit of colorful sunshine to your everyday lists!

Free Printable Planner Page tropical theme

Bullet Journal, Planner Page or List Maker?

Have you tried using a bullet journal?

Considering myself more of a List Maker, I created these special printables for you to make lists to help you in your day. I try to create a new list or planner page every week.

There are two different designs for you to download at the bottom of this page. A traditional printable planner page with separate blocks to write in, plus a To-Do List page for you to use for free-form list making.

“Things To Do”: Free To Do List Printable

DOWNLOAD: Grab Your Free Printable Planner Page and To Do List HERE

Tropical Vibes

The vibrant green monstera and orange hibiscus are sure to brighten your day as you cross off each item on your list. The orange hibiscus reminds many people of the sunrise or mangoes…that vibrant orange is full of HAPPY!

Sometimes I find that having a pleasant picture to look at helps make my task lists seem not as daunting…unless a dental appointment is on my list and no amount of deep breathing or happy pictures seem to make me feel calm. 😉

Check out my tropical monstera artwork here!

I hope you enjoy these tropical planner pages full of Aloha, and please leave a comment if you would like me to create new designs soon! I would love to hear from you to know if you like using planners and making lists! 🙂

Want to know more about the meaning of Aloha? Check it out here!

DOWNLOAD: Grab Your Free Printable Planner Page and To Do List HERE

These pages can be printed for personal use, as often as you like! Please do not alter/adjust or re-sell my designs, but absolutely enjoy them for your own personal use.

Want access to MORE Aloha and Free Printables? Check out my Aloha Art Newsletter and sign up HERE!

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  • Kitty

    I so enjoy your emails, posts and Aloha Mika!! TY for being so cool and making it so easy for us to contact you!!
    I appreciate the freebies too!! You are absolutely a breath of fresh air!!
    Aloha and LUV from Kitty in Huntington Beach

    • Mika Harmony

      Kitty, I am SO Glad our paths have crossed! I appreciate your support and kindness so very much!! Much love and ALOHA to You, my friend! xo, Mika Harmony

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