New Heart and Floral Art Print Series

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New Heart and Floral Art Print Series

New Summer Art Print series with hearts
Sheet music hearts and acrylic painting combine to make this mixed media piece called “Invisible Connection”

So excited to share my brand new, fresh off the presses (as in yesterday), New Summer Art Print Series! Be sure to check back often, I will be adding many more prints for you soon!

How I start the Art

Several of my mixed media pieces started with my special background technique, shown HERE.

I have many of the originals from this series available, and you can find those here.

Sharing the New Prints

Without further adieu, let’s see the prints!

“Allure” Hawaiian Orchid painting. In shades of lavender, purple, ballet pink and mint.

Hawaiian Orchid Print in purples and pinks
Hawaiian Orchid “Allure” print

This print is titled, “Lucky in Love” with this pair of Bees in balance, because Bees are good luck! I hope this print brings you lots of luck in love too!

Orange and Yellow Bee pair on background of turquoise honeycomb as a 5x5 Art Print by Mika Harmony

“Invisible Connection” was painted with acrylic paints, and added elements of sheet music…I have a thing for hearts, and I love music. If you love music too, you will love this print:

Sheet music hearts art print on a background of teals and greens by Mika Harmony

For my friends who love a good road trip, here’s the “Wanderlust II” Butterfly. A symbol of freedom and celebrating You!

Butterfly And Road Map heart on background of teals and purple by Mika Harmony

Messages in the Art

“New Beginnings” celebrates the idea that we all get a fresh start with the early morning’s sunrise, a plan for a new day. Welcome your day with sunshine, flowers and the sounds of birds singing, with this 5×7 Print.

Kestrel Falcon and Peony art print in shades of pink, navy and teal

Uplifting Art to Encourage YOU!

“Believe In Your Strength” Heart with Sakura Blossoms

I believe that you can do anything, you are stronger than you realize.

Here’s a way to remember your inner strength, with this 5×5 Art Print of my mixed media painting. Combining sheet music, acrylic paints and bits of metallic accents and the beauty of the Sakura/Cherry Blossom. Shades of mint, teal, pink and purple bring positively vibrant color to your day.

Gold Heart and Pink Sakura Cherry Blossoms painted on a minty teal background by Mika Harmony

Would you like to see these prints in my Shop? Be sure to click my “Shop” tab, or visit them here.

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