My Top 5 Examples of Creative Ways to Hang Wall Art

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My Top 5 Examples of Creative Ways to Hang Wall Art

gallery wall art- creatives ways to hang

gallery wall of hanging art, featuring two images by Mika Harmony (image courtesy of my sweetest friend and customer M.)

Being a creative person, rules tend to be mere suggestions to me (you too?). There are many wonderful guidelines for hanging artwork in a tidy, professional manner. Many of those suggestions including using a ruler and getting very precise.

In my own home, the tape measure is perpetually lost and it tends to be a few extra strikes of the hammer to even out the frames that end up slightly off when hung in pairs.  (And full disclosure: we moved into our new home in October last year, and we JUST starting hanging our artwork 😁)

No matter the subject, there are many wonderfully creative examples of how to hang art in your home. Here are my favorite top five examples of creative ways to hang art.

Example #1, via Apartment Therapy, Antique Wooden Pant Hangers apartmenttherapy : Suggestion is to use antique wooden pant hangers to hang your artwork. These pieces of art appear to be prints and they look like a cost effective way to curate an entire wall of new art. (For prints such as the ones at Apartment Therapy, see my Etsy store, etsy for the 8×10 prints at $28).


Image via

Example #2, use Dartstrip,

For renters (just like me!), a great idea to try is Dartstrip. h/t to brit (frames) for this awesome suggestion. Dartstrip is an 8 ft. long magnetic piece of steel that comes with removable adhesive to adhere (safely) to your wall. You then tack up your artwork using the included magnets that adhere to the “dartstrip”. Love it!


Image via dartstrip

Example #3, Use Washi Tape to create frames, via Design Sponge designsponge and also, Papermash




For a super duper cost effective option (and likely removable, too?), is the option to use Washi Tape as “frames” on your wall. The brilliant folks at Design Sponge (and also Papermash Blog) have it all spelled out in washi tape goodness. You essentially just use your favorite washi tape to adhere your art (or magazine clipping, or fabric…or cat, no, not the cat) to your wall. You make a tape “frame” around your artwork.

Image via papermashblog


Example #4, Use old windows as frames, h/t to architectureartdesigns

A shabby chic (does anyone use that phrase anymore? other than me, just now?), or reduce/reuse/recycle method of hanging art, is to repurpose an old multi-paned window as your frame. You can tape your artwork to the back of the window and then hang on your wall. See the link at architectureartdesigns for more information.


Image via architectureartdesigns

Example #5, go crazy and LEAN your art against a wall, a mantel, a table…. Via Artsy Forager

Ok, this final example isn’t really about hanging artwork at all…it’s sort of cheating, but not really. Now, in all honesty, leaning artwork for display is not something that I have mastered yet. However, the suggestions from Lesley at are spot on brilliant. She suggests options to lean your artwork on a ledge or behind a piece of furniture or on the floor and several other eazy peezy ideas. If this is a technique you have used, please be sure to comment below and include a pic!


Image via holtwoodhipster


When it comes to curating a wall of art for your home, my best suggestion is to hang what you love; pick your favorite color, or your favorite subject, or whatever makes your heart sing.


For me, that tends to be anything in a vibrant color or for imagery that makes me think of nature. (and to see what makes MY heart sing, you can see my vibrant art here.☺️)

I would love to hear some of your suggestions for creatively hanging your artwork at home/office/studio/car. Please comment below and include pics if you like.

In Art and Aloha,

Mika Harmony

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