Colorful Aloha Newsletter coming your way soon

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Seahorses and Hearts on my desk today

Seahorses and Hearts on my desk today

My Colorful, fun Aloha Art Newsletter Announcement!


Do you want to see colorful fun art to make you smile …in your in-box…a couple of times a month?

I am getting ready to get back into the regular publishing of my e-newsletter, the Aloha Friday Special, and I would love for you to join me.

I had intended on it being a monthly/bi-monthly email newsletter, but when my 3rd issue was due, I was down with 2 cases of the flu through the New Year.

Seeing that it’s March now (cue embarrassed grin here), I figured I better get something written soon.

What will be in the newsletter?

– New Art
– Opportunities to help name art
– Or You can Make color combo special requests for seahorses and hearts
– Giveways
– Info on upcoming art shows
– A Day in the Life of An Artist (that would be me…no day is ever the same.)

Sign up below and join me, I will send you a 10% coupon code for signing up! Oh! If you let me know when your birthday is, I will probably send you a bit of a handmade Aloha surprise!

Much Aloha,

Mika Harmony

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