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Artist Blog Topics


Aka: What to Write in My Blog


Writing a blog is a funny thing. For me, there is a wonder of whether or not anyone is reading the blog, and a question of what topics to write on. (You are reading, and you absolutely count). Because if you could see into my head, you would be equal parts bored, astounded, stunned and confused.



This is why my search online these past few days was for suggestions on Artist blog topics to write about, or just a regular blog topic (As in, doesn’t have to be art related).

In reading through a wonderful website that provided some helpful tips on blog post ideas, I had to laugh out loud. (h/t to aeolidia for the super creative blog post suggestions at aeolidia blog).

One of the blog tip suggestions was to give advice/tips on what to do when Oprah calls.

Listen, when we (you and me) get to the stage where you will find real advice from me on how to handle an Oprah call, I promise to invite you over for lunch for an actual sit down advice session (and since I subscribe to the power of positive thinking making great things happen, please let me know if you have any food allergies so I can plan in advance….6 months seems about right?).


Perhaps the first suggestion to be made would be, ask her if she has the wrong # and then hang up. Ok, bad suggestion.

For me, I would just be delighted if Oprah could pronounce my name correctly….and I would be equally delighted with that, if ANYONE called me up to talk about art and life. (Hint: my name is pronounced Mee-kah).

The second thing I would do would be to ask Oprah if she loves Maui as much as I do. Growing up on Maui, I still get amused when celebrities buy homes on the Hawaiian Islands.

Third, I would ask her if any of my artwork resonated with her.

As an artist, hearing from someone, anyone, that my creative process that is displayed on canvas or paper or wood, has somehow touched someone and reached them in such a way that it sparked an emotional response, is an amazingly exhilarating piece of feedback to receive.


Painting and creating is something that has to be done, as necessary as breathing for me. It is an incredible bonus when these moments of my creative life connect me with other friends and art fans that are out there supporting me on this journey.

How do you connect with other people in an honest way? Do you bake? Do you paint? Or perhaps sing? Or do you help people organize their homes? Or do you like to make people laugh?

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In Art and Aloha,

Mika Harmony



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