Seaglass and Sunshine: My Journey Into Designing Seaglass Jewelry

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Seaglass and Sunshine:

My Journey Into Designing Seaglass Jewelry


Can a painter make seaglass jewelry?

Hint: if you want to skip ahead and view the entire collection of 12 pieces, please click HERE!


I am always inspired to find ways to create wearable art. I have a collection of jewelry from my home island of Maui. I know how special these pieces are to me. I wanted to be able to create this same Aloha feeling in jewelry that I thought others might enjoy too. But, I am a painter- I hadn’t exactly coined myself as a jewelry designer.

I sat down and thought about what I really miss about spending all my time at the ocean…and the feeling of calm that washes over me. A piece of seaglass found on the beach is like a bit of a talisman and a protector of your spirit and reminder of that feeling of calm.

Beach in Okinawa

Beach in Okinawa, photo by @skaterlunatic on UNSPLASH


Ephiphany! Painting and Seaglass!

I thought of a new artistic project which allows me to combine two loves: painting and seaglass. I wanted to find a way to create an absolute original piece of art on a special piece of seaglass.


Sourcing Seaglass

I love seaglass and a huge part of my Art ‘Ohana are big seaglass lovers too…so, I put a call out to my seaglass sea-sters from Okinawa to Oahu to help me source these special pieces of seaglass that I wanted to handpaint on.

I have now amassed a treasure trove of seaglass from all over the world as well as locally in California (thank you Mom, and thank you Lisa!).

Now the painting begins!

Tourmaline Beach in San Diego, CA

Tourmaline Beach (a great seaglass beach!), San Diego. Photo by @Claude Piche on UNSPLASH


Unveiling Ocean Treasures: Seaglass Jewelry

Hawaiian plumeria seaglass jewelry by Mika Harmony

Here is the first release of my handpainted seaglass jewelery that are sweet, ocean treasures. These are the fresh florals of plumeria from Hawai’i that I’ve painted on these specially selected pieces of seaglass.

yellow white plumeria seaglass jewelry by Mika Harmony

I hope you love this original handpainted seaglass jewelry, as much as I love painting them.

It’s a way to wear a piece of the ocean and close to your heart.


Find them HERE


Leave a comment below and let me know where YOUR favorite State to find seaglass is!

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