Horse painting in Acrylic ink

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Being A New Artist

When I first started out as an artist, I did quite a bit of experimentation with new art supplies.


Many of these art supplies were gifted to me from a dear friend Joy. Joy was also a painter and collage artist but was transitioning to just doing her writing. She was so very encouraging to me, and I was grateful for the new tools.

In the stash of supplies gifted to me were these incredible acrylic inks. They had the consistency of water, but the saturation level of 100. When I first used them, I used them full strength as if they were watercolors. As a child my mom did tie-dye and batik clothes, and I think that just stuck in my mind as something that was pleasing to my eye. I think my watercolors sometimes have a feel of flowing tie-dye designs.

Horse Painting In Acrylic Ink

This horse painting in acrylic ink was my first painting using these new supplies. It is something I am proud of, but when I first shared it with the world, I received a small amount of criticism. Today though, I thought I would finally release it from my archives and offer it for sale to my collectors.

Finding A Style

The saturated color combos I explored in 2014 are something I continue with today. I love bright, happy colors and I still enjoy creating odd color combos that don’t exist in nature.


What are YOUR favorite color combos? Please leave a comment and let me know below.


With love and aloha,

Mika Harmony

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