My Top 10 Favorite Songs To Inspire Creativity

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My Top 10 Favorite Songs To Inspire Creativity

Ok, I don’t know about you, but I love working to music.

No matter what job I have held, I always found a way to listen to music (it’s in my blood and it’s my birthright, my dad is a songwriter….hence the Harmony in my name….but more on that later- or email me for details. ;)).

In the background right now, I am listening to Lionel Ritchie’s All Night Long (don’t judge, that is an awesome feel-good song from my childhood. Hello, Night Tracks on TBS,



Here are my top 10 favorite songs to paint to that inspire my creativity.


This list also includes some of my artwork that was directly inspired by several of these songs:

1. Cry On Cue, “Pureness”:

My “Buddha In Reflection” was inspired by listening to Cry on Cue. I loved the album so much that I even wrote a review about it on Itunes




2. Emika “Wicked Game”; I admit, I was curious to check out her track because our names our so similar…and then I got hooked on her cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game. Check it out as Track #10 -HERE.


3. Anything from Ólafur Arnalds. Most specifically Ólafur Arnalds song, “So Close”. (I found his music through watching the UK version of Broadchurch– eerie, atmospheric and wonderfully emotional)

This song inspired my abstract landscape 36×36 artwork called “Lost Conversation Amidst The Waves”.

If you have seen Broadchurch, this piece will make sense…I hope. 😉

(This piece is still for sale, email me for details.)



4. Otis Redding, “Don’t Mess With Cupid”:

5. The Black Seeds, “Afrophone”. Love the reggae funk vibe and they are from New Zealand (Kia Ora!). Just discovered a live version Youtube of the song, HERE

My mixed media artwork, “Things of Habit” was inspired by The Black Seeds, “Afrophone”

Things of Habit painting, Inspired by one of my Top 10 Favorite Songs: Black Seeds Afrophone

I have prints of “Things of Habit” available HERE


6. Astronauts “Skydive”.


7. Bombino, “Zigzan”. I worked on the background for this piece while listening to Bombino’s album.

(I’ll be posting a step by step on this artwork in a future blog post….if I can find the rest of my progress pics. 😁)

Blue Owl painting inspired by music, Mika Harmony


8. Ror-Shak, featuring Lisa Shaw, “Lisa’s Song” by Ror Shak ,

 (I often wear my beloved Ror-Shak black t-shirt to my art openings.)

I painted the start of my abstract series, to Ror-Shak.

This piece is called, Star Cloud In A Spiral Galaxy and was the first piece inspired by listening to Ror-Shak.



9. The Mavericks, “All Night Long”

I could listen to lead singer, Raul Malo, sing the phone book. He has an amazing voice. Check out their Facebook page for more killah (as we say in Hawaii, meaning: AWESOME) music.

10. Brittni Paiva, “Gazing”

A special album from a jazz artist from the Big Island of Hawai’i. Had to include music from my homeland. So peaceful and puts me in a great frame of mind to paint.

What are your favorite songs to listen to while creating? Or relaxing? Or cleaning the house? Comment below!

In Art and Aloha,

xo- Mika Harmony

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