Seashell and Flower watercolors

Seashells and Flowers Watercolors Seashell and Flower Watercolors in my studio; celebrating the land and sea!   Beach Days Spending time at the beach is so very peaceful. The air smells like [...]

Rainbow watercolors

Rainbow Watercolors Rainbow Watercolors in my studio; it’s a nice day.   Happy in Hawai’i One thing I miss about living in Hawai’i is the amount of rainbows I used to see [...]

Hummingbird Watercolor

Hummingbird Watercolor Living in California affords me the greatest joy of being able to bird watch….and see HUMMINGBIRDS! We don’t have hummingbirds in Hawai’i, so they are a [...]

Colorful Fish of Hawai’i

Colorful Fish of Hawai’i   Spending time in the ocean is one of my favorite ways to reconnect with nature. Just floating on the surface of the sea watching the peaceful movements of [...]

Tropical watercolors

Tropical watercolors: Inspiration Photo In this post of ART:INSPIRATION PHOTO, sharing how my love of tropical watercolors has been influenced from my childhood in Hawai’i.     [...]

Tropical Flowers and Ocean Art

Tropical Flowers and Ocean Art I love tropical flowers and ocean art. I started a new art series called Gardens of The Sea.   Gardens of The Sea My new series celebrates the beautiful [...]

Colorful Aloha Art To Brighten Your Day

Colorful Aloha Art To Brighten Your Day   Have you ever  visited a tropical island such as Hawai’i?  The colors there are so very vivid, saturated and full of sunshine. Inspiring view [...]

Shark Week in Watercolors

Shark Week in Watercolors Shark Week! It was recently the annual celebration of Shark Week, and I realized I hadn’t painted any sharks in my art life. So, I thought let’s do Shark Week in [...]

Hibiscus Watercolors

Hibiscus Watercolors   Love of Hibiscus Watercolors Painting hibiscus in Watercolors is a fun way to spend time in my art studio.  I haven’t seen any blue green hibiscus in person but [...]

Seahorse and Fish Watercolor Collection

Seahorse and Fish Watercolor Collection       Seahorse and Tropical Fish Watercolor Collection Scroll down to the bottom of page for info on purchasing your very own               [...]