Hibiscus Watercolors
Green and Blue Hibiscus Watercolor by Mika Harmony


Love of Hibiscus Watercolors

Painting hibiscus in Watercolors is a fun way to spend time in my art studio.  I haven’t seen any blue green hibiscus in person but would love to! I once heard that the rarest color in flowers is blue….have you heard that too?


Hibiscus watercolor in progress by Mika Harmony


New series: Inspiration

Inspired by the brilliantly beautiful blooms of Hawai’i, I decided to start a series of these paintings. They are one of the iconic flowers you find in the islands. It is unbelievable how many colors and frills the specialty colors come in.  According to Hawai’i magazine, they are one of the Top 6 iconic Hawaiian flowers!


Orange Flame Hibiscus and Seahorse watercolor: Work in Progress

Hawai’i’s State Flower

Hawai’i’s state flower is the yellow hibiscus, though it used to be the red variety up until 1988.

If you ever pick a bloom to wear behind your ear, the left side is intended to show that you are taken (since it is worn closest to your heart, your heart is taken) while wearing a flower tucked behind your right ear means that you are single. 🙂

A popular color is the orange; it’s fiery tones reminiscent of a Hawaiian sunset.


These delicate flowers don’t last well as a cut bloom so I chose to paint them to allow for their beauty to be enjoyed forever.  Would you like me to paint you one too?

The meaning of Aloha Hibiscus painting by Mika Harmony

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Aloha, Mika


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