Seahorse and Fish Watercolor Collection

Teal Blue and green watercolor seahorse by Mika Harmony

Teal Blue Seahorse from the Tropical Watercolor Collection




Seahorse and Tropical Fish Watercolor Collection

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Aloha Seahorse Watercolor painting


I started this series of seahorse and tropical fish in watercolors to celebrate my true love: The Pacific Ocean, and to share the healing vibes of Aloha.


Ocean Baby

Growing up on the island of Maui found me in the ocean before I could walk. It was as natural to me as breathing.

I keep my connection to Hawaii strong with my new collection of tropical watercolor paintings.



Orange Baby Seahorse on a blue watercolor background by Mika Harmony

Orange and Blue Baby Seahorse Painting



Watercolor painting by Mika Harmony of a Cerulean blue and teal green seahorse in a cluster of sunset crystals

Cerulean blue and teal green seahorse in a cluster of sunset crystals



Pair of seahorse painted in cool blues and greens

Shallow Waters Seahorse Couple in watercolor



wrasse in blue and green watercolors

Wrasse in Blues and greens


Galaxy Seahorse Couple Moorish Idol and Mandarin Fish painted in watercolor

Galaxy Seahorse Couple
Moorish Idol
and Mandarin Fish


Seahorse and Tropical Fish Collection of a Saturated watercolor fish

Saturated tones of blues and violets in watercolor create this fantasy fish from the oceans of Hawaii.


Pacific Northwest: Salmon, something different



This watercolor painting was done on special request for a Pacific Northwest Sockeye Salmon. Not quite a tropical fish, but I treated him with the same way I paint my vibrant Hawaiian water fish friends. I used Maimeri Italian watercolors on Arches watercolor paper. I love how the texture of the watercolor shows through even in the art print.


Galaxy watercolor Seahorse by Mika Harmony

Shannon Sea Dragon
Sea Horse in pinks and purples

*painted in vibrant tropical shades of fuchsia, watermelon pink, amethyst and lavender and accented with pops of sunshine yellow and magenta*

Seahorse Watercolor Collection Teal Painting by Mika Harmony

*Starry Eyed Seahorse has been painted in swirling shades of the sea

in turquoise, aqua, green and blue.*




Purple and Orange Tropical Hawaiian Seahorse with healing Aloha by Mika Harmony


*Painted in vibrant tropical sunrise shades of tangerine, marigold, marmalade and amber. Seahorse done in deliciously vibrant tones of watermelon pink, sparkling amethyst and lavender.*


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