Passion for Pineapple Art


Passion for Pineapples!

Do you love all things pineapple too?


Pineapples are thought to be a symbol of hospitality. It was likely due to its rarity so many years ago, that if you arrived with a pineapple gift it was a most generous gift to share!



Reimagined Pineapple Art

I just love painting them in fun color combinations because they have such an iconic shape, you still know what they are even in cotton candy pink or full of hearts!


The Old Lahaina Cannery Maui

Growing up on Maui I remember passing by the old “cannery”.  We just called it The Cannery- but I never gave it much thought. It wasn’t until I got older that I learned it was an actual Pineapple cannery where people worked on the processing plant packaging these succulent Hawaiian pineapples.


Passion for Pineapple Art







Fruit Stands and Pineapple Fizz

I love painting pineapples because it is always a happy feeling thinking of those sweet, juicy fruits fresh from the roadside fruit stands.  Nowadays you can get pineapples in every grocery store. It’s one of my favorite treats. (and if you want my pineapple printable and recipe for Pineapple Fizz, check it out here)

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