Gift Wrapped Happy and Aloha

Have you ever wanted to open gift wrapped happy and Aloha?

Do you like giving gifts? How about receiving gifts?

One of the favorite parts about being an artist is when people select my work for gifts; either for themselves or for others.



Happy Mail

I love getting these orders because it allows me the wonderful opportunity to put some Happy in the mail.

Each order from my shop is gift-wrapped for free. I have a huge stash of colored papers and random washi tape to use for your orders.


Hand painted touch

I like to hand paint name tags for orders.  I watercolor sheets of paper and keep them handy to personalize.

Hand painted watercolor gift tags by Mika Harmony


Personalized Gifts

Growing up with such a different name (not in Hawai’i, but later when I moved to the mainland it learned it was unusual), I was also so excited to find my name on keychains etc.  SO i decided to bring this personalized touch to my gift wrapping for ALL the names!


personalized Hawaii themed gifts under $10 from Mika Harmony


I often tuck in a little extra on these orders too, so that you can feel the love and Aloha and the surprise of a handwrapped gift.  It’s these little touches that take a bit more time,  but help me let you know just how much I appreciate your orders.





Surprise Aloha Mail for my Newsletter Subscribers


Next time you have a promotion to celebrate, a birthday gift to shop for, a housewarming gift to get or need a little pick-me-up, I hope you will choose Mika Harmony Art for something special and full of ALOHA, so I can paint YOUR name for a gift tag too.




Aloha Art Newsletter + Free Printable for You

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I send out no more than 4 newsletters a month! Plus, there’s a free printable available for you just for subscribing.


Sending Sunshine

I hope wherever you are, and wherever you go, you can hold a bit of sunshine in your heart even on the tough days. I am here to help share some Aloha with you anytime you need it.  If you would like me to send some Aloha Art sunshine to you, or a friend be sure to check out my SHOP here.


And for more on feeling Happy, please check out my Blog post HERE.

Mahalo for being here,

Mika (me-kuh) Harmony

mika harmony-at-Aloha art-studio

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