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Now through 10/15/16

40% of proceeds from the sale of Kitty Art Prints

– AND- 20% of Original Commissioned Kitty Art and Kitty Greeting Cards

                            will be donated to assist in the care of

Melowonne’s Quadruplet Tiger Brother kitties

Just recently, 1 of 4 of the quadruplets, Bob the tiger kitty has endured a medical difficulty and diagnosis of cardiomyopathy with a recent blood clot causing paralysis to his right front paw.

I know firsthand how expensive these medical costs are and how quickly they add up.   This is just a small way to help send some love and funds to these beautiful quadruplet kitty brothers.

Ginger Kitten Kitty art print for sale by Mika Harmony



tabby tiger grey kitty art print gift by Mika Harmony(40% of all Print sale proceeds will be donated to the care of the QuadKitties)

It's been so much fun hanging out with you all on Instagram. I have met many wonderful new friends, and have been introduced to some really cool cats!

Scroll down to the bottom of the page  for info on ordering your own special commissioned piece for your kitty!  (20% of all Commission order proceeds will be donated to the care of the QuadKitties)

Cats are my favorite (puppies are cute too!). Wanting to start a new series of paintings, I thought I should peruse my fave IG kitties and create some art inspired by them.


First obvious choice was Howie Meowie, the sweetest black kitty boy.


Black kitties are my absolute favorite and I have a real soft spot for them, since I had one for 9 years named Maxwell Kuuipo (Max, Maxy face, Maxy Drives A Taxi, Maxi Lala etc.).


These paintings are fun, whimsical and silly, and they make me smile when I paint them.  Here's my Howie Meowie inspired piece:

New Black Kitty Cat Watercolor Painting Whimsical Illustration


I decided to create 5x7 Prints of these, for all my other kitty cat fans who want a whimsical illustration of their own, info at the bottom of this page. 🙂


Next up, a darling kitty named Pancake.  You had me at Pancake, Pancake. Yum! What a cutie. This cream and white sweetie, inspired this next print- also perfect for all orange kitty lovers/cream and white cat fans/exotic shorthair cat owners and more!


Orange Peachy White Kitty Cat Whimsical watercolor


I love a kitty with a mustache...and one named Tom Selleck? Yes, love that too.  Allow me to formally introduce you to the finest mustachioed cat I ever did see, Tom Selleck The Cat.

He inspired my black kitty with a mustache piece:

black cat with mustache drawing by Mika Harmony


There is also a sweet calico girl available in this bunch of prints. She was inspired by a sweet friend's cat, Miss Watson (and the entire time I painted her, I had a song in my head...if you can guess what song, then you are my new best friend)


New Kitty Cat Watercolor Illustration, Miss Watson Kitty

Calico Cat, Miss Watson, Custom Watercolor Illustration



PRINTS AVAILABLE HERE: (40% of all Print sale proceeds will be donated to the care of the QuadKitties)


Commissions are Closed: I am full! 🐱😊 I am open again after 10/10/16.

Purchase your listing now, to get on my schedule for October!

There are still some slots for commissions available in October.

Use the "One of A Kind" Listing to place your order. (20% of all Commission order proceeds will be donated to the care of the QuadKitties)



Kitty Art Prints

Examples of Commissioned Art:


Cat Lover Kitty Paintings by Mika Harmony

Miss Watson Calico Kitty Commission

Custom Kitty Art by Mika Harmony

Grey tabby and his painting


Examples of commissioned art:

Cider Kitten example by Mika Harmony

 Cider Kitten and her painting



20% of proceeds from sale of these greeting cards will go to @melowonne for the vet care of her kitties

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